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Blog Tour 2008

Take your own trip through the I'd Rather Be in the Studio! blog tour

These amazing bloggers asked Alyson questions about art marketing and then posted the interviews on their blogs. Questions were juicy and have lots of information! (All images © the artists.)

March 25
Cynthia Morris

Cynthia Morris's Original Impulse Blog

Cynthia is curious about the process of writing the book and also about what makes an artist go from a place where they are full of excuses to a place where they are excuse-less. (Great question!) Listen to what I have to say in this audio interview.

March 28
Claudine Hellmuth

Claudine Hellmuth's Hip Art for Playful Hearts Blog

Claudine wants to know about newsletters and the advantages to sending "pretty" emails to people. I gave her an earful.

April 1
Lisa Call

Lisa Call's Contemporary Textile Art Blog

On this special (about 15 minutes) audio recording, Lisa asks me (1) why it's so important to define success for yourself and (2) how an artist's marketing might change throughout his or her career.

April 4
Christine DeCamp

Christine DeCamp's Passion for Painting Blog

Christine asks me about networking and why it's so hard to ask for someone else's contact info or business card. I gave her my two cents.

April 8
Robin Maria Pedrero

Robin Maria Pedrero's Pocketful of Colors Blog

Robin asks me about contacting galleries out of town. What's the best way to go about this? It's a question many artists ask, so I was happy to answer.

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April 11
Rachelle Disbennett-Lee

Rachelle Disbennett-Lee's Take Action Now Blog

Coach Lee wants to know how the information in IRBITS might translate to non-artists. Much of it does!

April 15
Jennifer Hofmann

Jennifer Hofmann's My Organized Biz Blog

Jennifer asks me about my systems for staying in touch with contacts and keeping up with the details of running a business. Find out the scoop.

April 18
Mary Emma Allen

Mary Emma Allen's Home Biz Notes Blog

Mary Emma Allen wants to know what is the most important action an author/artist can take to promote his/her book or business. Read what I have to say.

April 22
Susie Monday

Susie Monday's El Cielo Art Studio Journal Blog

Susie asks: As an artist who teaches (both in other places and regularly in my own studio with retreat formats) I wonder if I should have a separate blog, website and newsletter for the teaching/coaching side of my business, or do I keep it all together. Which is less confusing? Read Susie's interview with me.

April 25
Anne Randolph

Anne Randolph's Soup Kitchen Writing Blog

Anne asked me how much time I spend on the blog and my marketing. She also asked what my marketing schedule looks like. It's a cool question and you just might be interested. Visit the Soup Kitchen Writing blog to see what I had to say.

April 29
Casey Klahn

Casey Klahn's The Colorist Blog

Casey asks: Do you support the idea of a special newsletter for gallerists and/or museum curators? What wisdom can you offer about newsletter frequency? Can you offer some examples of artist's newsletters you feel hit it out of the park? Read more about artist newsletters on Casey's blog.

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May 2
Brenda Marks

Brenda Marks's Making Marks Blog

Brenda wants to know the advantages and disadvantages of being in an artist co-op. I gave it my best shot.

May 9
Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition

The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Blog

OVAC wants to help advise their artists on how to get into out-of-town galleries. I have some ideas.

May 13
Kirsty Hall

Kirsty Hall's Up All Night Again Blog

Kirsty asks: How do you translate online success into real-world success? I think it's possible.

May 16
Lesley Riley

Lesley Riley's Art Heart Blog

For Lesley, it's all about searching for balance in life. How do you juggle family, career, and obligations. I'm no Dear Abby, but I tried to help.

May 20
Mary Beth Shaw

Mary Beth Shaw's The Common Denominator Blog

Should you worry about changing directions and trying a whole different path for your art? Maybe, maybe not.

May 23
Tammy Vitale

Tammy Vitale's Women, Art, Life: Weaving It All Together Blog

I share 4 baby steps for writing a magazine article to help Tammy overcome her reluctance.

May 27
Deanna Wood

Deanna Wood's Artist, Emerging Blog

Deanna wants my best piece of advice for emerging artists. Just one?

(All images © the artists.)

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